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Testing Resistance & Reform News: January 18 - 24, 2017 FairTest

Testing Resistance & Reform News: January 18 - 24, 2017

The pace of assessment reform news accelerates with legislatures back in session and annual school testing drawing near. Many states are beginning to use their new flexibility under ESSA as parents, students, teachers, supervisors, school board members and community activists push for major reductions in standardized exam mandates. 

States Balance Ambitious and Achievable in ESSA Plans
National States Move with Caution in Pursuing Innovative Assessment Pilot Program
National Assessing Teacher Quality Under ESSA

Scores From a Single Test Should Not Define "Failing" Schools

Feds Insist State Administer Science Test Based on Old Standards

Student Rep Tells School Board There's Too Much Testing

 Replace Silly, ACT/SAT-Based Teacher Bonus Plan
Florida County School Superintendent Suspends All District-Level Tests
Florida Effects of Third Grade Retention on Diplomas and Student Outcomes

Maine School Officials Question Value of State Test

Mississippi State-Mandated Testing Does Students More Harm Than Good
Mississippi Principal Loses License for Directing Staff to Cheat on Tests to Boost Scores

Conflicting Claims About Test-Score Report Accuracy

New York 
City's Selective High School Admissions Exam Gets Overhaul

Thousands of Juniors at Risk of Not Graduating if Testing Requirements Unchanged
Ohio Principal Asks: What's the Purpose of So Much Testing

Oregon State Failed at Standardized Testing Audit

Less Emphasis on Test Scores In New School Rating System

South Carolina
 State Mandated Testing Could Decrease

Texas Standardized Exams Have Not Made Kids Better Prepared for College, Life
Texas "Students Matter" Campaign Seeks Assessment, School Funding Reforms

Virginia New School Quality Profiles Go Beyond Test Scores

How Much Do Public Schools Really Spend on Testing?

West Virginia
 New Governor Calls for Overhaul of "A to F" School Grading System

College Admissions
 Immaculata University Drops ACT/SAT Requirements for Most Applicants

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