Monday, January 16, 2017

Links on Testing FairTest January 2017

Links on Testing  FairTest  January 2017
A reporter, who called FairTest today for a comment on a breaking story, said it well, "Every time I read your news clip compilations, I'm shocked at how much testing reform activity is going on across the country." We hope these weekly summaries are just as helpful in making your work more productive. Please send us links to articles and resources from your local area that merit broader attention.

How Testing Policies Have to Change in U.S. Public Schools
Multiple States Changes to Test-Based Teacher Evaluations Plans Under Consideration
Multiple States Using Local Flexibility to Translate ESSA Blueprint to K-12 Reality
California Time to Leave Behind NCLB's Catch-22 on Calculating English Learners' Progress
Florida Legislators Look for Ways to Streamline School Testing
New York  Teachers No Longer Gagged From Discussing Test Questions

Texas Educators Criticize Provisional "A to F" School Grades
International Are PISA Test Results Rigged to Benefit Asian Nations?
Worth Reading Test-Taking Accommodations May Fall Short for Students with ADHD

Worth Reading Grading and Ranking Does Not Improve Educational Quality

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