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Testing Resistance & Reform News: January 11 - 17, 2017 FairTest Links

As FairTest's first-generation leaders move toward retirement., the organization has begun the process of planning for a smooth transition. The first step is hiring a consultant to develop a new strategic plan to make the assessment reform movement even more effective. Working with current staff, board, and other stakeholders, the ideal candidate will also be interested in taking over as FairTest's executive director in 2018.  For details, see:

 January 19 Day of Action to Reclaim Our Schools Includes Demands to Reduce Testing Overuse
National States Expanding Tool Kit to Assess School Quality Under ESSA
National How to Support Public Education Under Trump

Grading the Test Graders; Legislature Gets an "F" for School Ratings

State School Board Chooses New Ways to Measure Academic Progress
California New School Dashboard to Monitor Student Achievement

Students Stage a Satirical Take on Testing

Superintendent Candidate Urges Parents to Opt Out

Legislature Considers Ways to  Ease School Testing
Florida A Bad Model for DeVos-Style School "Reform"
Florida Is State Taking a Turn Toward Sanity?

State Reduces Testing to Stem Tide of Teachers Leaving Profession

Educators React to Potential Delay in Replacing Discredited Exam
Indiana Test-Based School Grades Called "Irrelevant"
Indiana Educators, Lawmakers Urge End to Basing Teacher Evaluations on Test Scores

Governor Seeks "Hold" on Move to Smarter Balanced Exams

Governor's Panel Recommends Dropping School Letter Grades

North Carolina 
Scores Are Not Only Measure of Academic Achievement

One-Size-Fits-All "Accountability" Creates Destructive Cycle

 Online Testing May Be Hurting Some Children

 Parents, Educators Say "Ignore Stupid School Letter Grades"
Texas State Needs to Toss Out Standardized Testing
Texas Houston Schools Suspend Use of Test Scores to Determine Grade Retention

Virginia Testing Does Not Equate with Educating

 Schools Tracking Absences as Non-Test Indicator of Academic Progress

West Virginia We Can Do Better Than Faulty A to F School Grades
West Virginia State Board of Ed Considers Replacing Smarter Balanced Tests

Canada Effective Education Goes Beyond Multiple Choice

College Admissions Should Biomedical Graduate Schools Ignore GRE Scores

Worth Reading How Test-Driven School "Reform" Hurts Low-Income Young Children
Worth Reading Fairness is Elephant in the Room for "Value-Added" Teacher Assessment

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