Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fight for $15 PLZ RT

Fight for $15
These guys:
Help us get the word out!
are exploiting the crap out of people like me and my son.
Help us get the word out!
I'm tired of working for $7.25 an hour – barely enough to feed my son – while McDonald's and the other big fast food companies make billions off of our work. That's why I joined the fight for $15 and a union.
That's what the fight for $15 and a union is all about. Fast food workers work hard, and we shouldn't have to struggle each month just to support our families.
We gotta get more people speaking up and we gotta do it NOW. The best thing you can do RIGHT NOW is spread the word on Facebook and Twitter or just text your friends and family our website right now.
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Help us get the word out!
Our power comes from people like you and me. It's wrong that companies we work for make billions, while we struggle every month to pay rent. Together, we can change that.
Thank you! We'll be in touch with what's next,
Adriana Alvarez
McDonald's Employee, Chicago, IL
Fight for $15

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