Monday, May 18, 2015

Emergency: Save In-State Tuition for Students in Texas

BREAKING: In-State Tuition Repeal Bill Could Clear the Senate as Early as Tomorrow
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SB 1819 has been added to the Senate calendar and could be voted on at any moment. We need your help! 

Call your State Senator and ask him/her to keep SB 1819 from coming to the floor for a vote. You can find your Senator's contact infohere.

Sample Script:
Hi, this is NAME. I'm calling to urge the Senator to block SB 1819, which would repeal in-state tuition for Texans regardless of status, from going to the floor. The current law helps more Texans attain a college degree. It makes sense for families, Texas businesses, and our economy. We should not repeal it - and I again urge the Senator to block SB 1819. Thank you.
Moments ago, SB 1819, the legislation that would repeal in-state tuition for Texans regardless of status, was added to the Senate Intent Calendar. That means that the bill could come up for a vote before the full Senate as early as tomorrow. 

In-state tuition repeal would be detrimental to our students and our families. We have an obligation to work to stop the legislature from repealing this smart public policy.
Please ask your Senator to "block" the bill from coming for a vote. If at least 13 Senators disagree with a piece of legislation, they can "block" a bill - or keep it from being voted on before the full Senate. 
We will keep you posted as developments occur.

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