Saturday, August 23, 2008

Latino Father Initiatives

The Colorado PIRC team presented their exciting work with families and highlighted their PADRES project. This reminded me that I really want to pull together information about what is happening all over this country to support, encourage, validate and uplift the Latino, Mexicano, Boricua, Centro y Sur Americano, Chicano, Hispano, Hispano-Parlante, Recien-imigrado, Nicaraguense, Domingueno, Peruano, Boliviano, etc. etc. etc. men.

I know that there has been great work done for several decades on the West coast but I lost track of what is going on. So, if anyone reading this has any information, especially contact info, on anyone, any group, any organization that is doing work in this area could you give me a grito?

Gracias. Thanks. Molto ombligado.

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