Friday, August 15, 2008

Evaluating Committee Work at National PTA

I've served on many committees, chaired some, and have mixed feelings about the work of committees and my own contribution and effectiveness as a member.
We had a very useful after-dinner session on the roles and effectiveness of committees, but more importantly, on how to evaluate yourself and the committee as a to hold yourself and your colleagues in the group accountable.

There were sample committee meeting evaluations, and checklists and even ways to organize the work of the committee in a format that clarifies tasks and responsibilities.

It was a good way to prepare for tomorrow, a day of committee meetings, each with awesome responsibilities with this venerable, old and challenged organization, the national PTA.

Nevertheless, as a newby to PTA, (two + years is new when I'm surrounded by grandparents that began in PTA when their child entered elementary school) my interest and my commitment is still with the quote from my campaign speech:
We in PTA still have a way to go in bringing on board those millions of parents whose children are in public schools and who depend on public education to realize the American dream. Nevertheless PTA is the organization, and the PTA members are the people, who have the history and the power for the dream of this democracy to become a reality for all of our children

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