Wednesday, February 8, 2017

FairTest Testing Resistance & Reform News: February 1 - 7, 2017

FairTest Testing Resistance & Reform News: February 1 - 7, 2017
Check out all the assessment reform activity in state legislatures as national polling shows strong public support for reducing testing overkill

National Poll Data Show Most Americans Do Not Think Standardized Tests Are Good Measure of Students or Schools
   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Colorado Educator Ratings Don't Account for Student Poverty   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Connecticut Failed Smarter Balanced Common Core Tests Hurt Students and Schools   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Florida Governor Seeks Repeal of Test-Based Teacher Bonus Program   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu
Florida Challenge to Third Grade Retention Law Heads Back to Court   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu
Florida New Certification Test by Pearson Flunks Many Qualified Teachers   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Louisiana State Ed Super Shows New Flexibility About Tests' Role in School Grades   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Massachusetts New Opt-Out Legislative Proposal   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu
Massachusetts Public Meeting on New Accountability Standards Under ESSA   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Michigan Legislature Moves Toward Repealing "Failing" Schools Law   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

New Mexico Ed Secretary Wants to Reduce Test Weight in Teacher Evaluation   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu
New Mexico Legislation Calls for Exploring ESSA Alternative Assessment Grant Application   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

New York Why You Should Continue to Opt Out in 2017 Fact Sheet   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Ohio Concerns About Ever-Changing Graduation Testing Requirements   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Oklahoma Lawmaker Targets Third Grade Reading Promotion Test   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Pennsylvania Bill Would Ease Grad Test Requirement for Vocational and Career Ed Students   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

South Carolina ESSA Town Hall Supports Shift Away From High-Stakes Testing   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Texas "Teaching Over Testing" Act Filed to Reduce Exam Volume and Stakes   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

West Virginia New Governor Seeks Different Course for Testing, Accountability   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Wisconsin State Test Scores Do Not Measure School Success   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

University Admission ACT/SAT Tests Outdated and Inaccurate   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

International Israeli University Will Base Admission on Course Grades Rather than Test Scores   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

Is Standardized Testing a Help or a Hindrance   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

School Climate Really Does Affect Academic Success   #EdBlogNet @FairTestOffice @idraedu

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