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FairTest Testing Resistance & Reform News: January 25 - 31, 2017

Testing Resistance & Reform News: January 25 - 31, 2017
Bob Schaeffer

With the 2017 K-12 school testing season soon to in some jurisdictions, FairTest has released several new and updated fact sheets to help assessment reform activists organize resistance to standardized exam overuse and misuse. At the same time, many state legislatures are considering proposals to reduce testing overkill. 

Why You Can Boycott Testing Without Fear of Federal Penalties for Your School
National Just Say "No" to Standardized Tests by Opting Out

Multiple States Educators, Lawmakers Divided Over Graduation Tests
Multiple States Exit Exam Update Shows States That Recently Eliminated Diploma Tests

Unfair Testing Skews "Failing" Schools Label

State Will Administer Alternative Science Assessment Despite Federal Opposition

High Test Opt-Out Rate Disrupts State School Ratings

Legislators Eye New Test Opt-Out Bill

Florida New Bill Would Create Alternatives to High-Stakes Tests
Florida Key State Senator Submits Plan Offering Graduation Pathways for Students Failing Exit Exam

Louisiana Testing Exemption Sought for Flood-Ravaged Schools

Bill Would Impose Three-Year Exam Moratorium, End Test-Based Teacher Evaluation
Massachusetts State Test Fails in City Schools
Massachusetts Parents Should Say "No" to State Tests

New Jersey 
Demographic Factors Strongly Predict Test Results

New Mexico 
Bill Would Limit Number of School Days Devoted to Standardized Testing

New York 
Students Not Scores Workshop on Threats to Public Education
New York Test Prep Firms Scrambling to Address Changes in NYC Selective High School Exam

Analysis of State's Testing "Audit"

Test-Based School Grades Make Low-Income Schools Look Worse
Texas Hundreds of Districts Seek Repeal of "A to F" School Grading Scheme

 Proposal Would Allow PSAT Scores to Substitute for State Exams

Worth Reading Focusing State Accountability Systems on High Achievers May Backfire

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