Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fair Test social media links 3/10/15 Many (chingos) Article Links on Testing & Common Core #EdBlogNet @idraedu #idraed

Fair Test social media links March 10 2015
Once again, this week's stories come from more than half the states as the testing resistance and reform movement rapidly accelerates across the U.S. and wins more victories.

What Test Scores Reveal About the "No Child Left Behind" Legacy

Five Issues Which Will Decide if No Child Left Behind Era is Over

Some Schools Resort to "Bribing" Kids to Get Them to Take Tests

Arizona's Problem Linking Common Core Tests to High-Stakes Testing

Arizona House Passes Bill Allowing Student to Opt Out of Standardized Exams

California Testing Protests Include Opt Out Movement and San Diego School Board Resolution
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California Phys. Ed, Arts, Music Courses Are "Collateral Damage" in Push to Boost Test Scores

Colorado State School Board Says Test Opt Outs Will Have No Negative Consequences for Students, Teachers or Schools

More Colorado Families Opting Out of New State Assessments

Connecticut Voters Agree: Schools Should Spend Less Time on Testing
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Many Key Questions Not Yet Answered About Connecticut State Tests

Delaware Opt-Out Movement May Prompt State Review of Testing Policy

Lawmakers, Educators Seek Delay on Tying New Delaware Test to Teacher Evaluation

Florida Lawmakers, School Administrators Incensed Over Computer Exam Fiasco; Seek Test Suspension

Computer Testing Disaster Fuels Calls for Florida Assessment System Overhaul

Idaho Debate Brews Over Standardized Testing

Illinois Test Scores Not Best Predictor of School Outcomes

Chicago Principal Supports Parents Opt-Out Drive

Indiana Maps Out Minor Changes to Avoid Repeat of Testing Uproar

Indiana State Super Says: "A Test Never Taught Anyone to Read"

Louisiana Parents' High Anxiety as PARCC Testing Looms

Opt Out of PARCC Billboards Pop Up in Louisiana

Maine Bill Would Allow for Opting Out of Testing

Maryland Policy Makers Weight Testing Issues

Governor Questions Maryland Testing Volume

Michigan Teacher of the Year Blasts Standardized Testing Policy

Minnesota Governor Wants to Cut Number of Tests Students Take

Mississippi Parents Opt Their Children Out of Testing
http://www.wapt.com/news/mississippi-parents-protest-common-core-testing/31705340  #EdBlogNet @idraedu

Mississippi Moves to End Exit Exam Passage Requirements
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New Hampshire District Promises No Punishment for Students Who Opt Out

New Hampshire Gets Fed's Permission to Reduce Testing, Pilot Performance Assessment

New Jersey State Assembly Passes Bills Curbing Testing Excesses

PARCC Testing Can't Be Fixed

New Mexico Test Protest School Walkouts Continue

New York City School Chancellor Blasts Gov. Cuomo for Test-Based Teacher Rating Scheme

Long Island, N.Y. Activists Sustain Opt-Out Pressure

North Carolina School Grades Don't Pass the Test

Ohio Won't Punish Schools for Students Who Opt-Out of State Exams

Ohio State and Federal Lawmakers Work Together to Reduce School testing
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Pennsylvania Schools Should Be Judged by Inspections, Not Test Scores

Rhode Island Parents Say No Mandatory Participation in PARCC

Reliance on PARCC Test Will Spell Disaster for Rhode Island

Tennessee Task Force to Look at District Testing Overuse

Texas Standardized Testing Creates Parental Worries

Tide Turns Against Federal "No Child Left Behind Law" Born in Texas

Wisconsin Over Testing Takes Joy Out of Learning and Teaching

Why Wisconsin Parents Are Sitting Their Kids Out of Tests

High-Stakes Testing Has Trickled Down to Kindergarten

Common Core Test Tutoring Companies See Business Boon

The Big Error of School "Accountability"

Ditch the SATs and ACTs

FairTest List of "Test-Optional" Colleges and Universities

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