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FairTest Testing Resistance & Reform News: May 31 - June 6, 2017

FairTest Testing Resistance & Reform News: May 31 - June 6, 2017
Intense controversies over testing continue at the state and local levels.  Many legislatures and school boards are responding to the demands of grassroots assessment reformers by eliminating some standardized exams and reducing the stakes attached to their scores.

National New Federal Law May Increase Testing of English Language Learners

 Changes Could Be Coming to State Testing

California Board Rethinking How to Assess Alternative Schools

School Grading System Encourages Students to Take Two Final Exam in Same Course

State Science Exam Scores Delayed by More Than a Year

New Jersey 
Over-testing Is Hurting the Children It Was Supposed to Help

New York 
Taking Too Many Tests Detracts From Joy of Learning
New York Rebranding Common Core as "Next Generation Learning Standards"

North Carolina 
End-of-Grade Tests Cause Panic Attacks in Young Children

ACT Reverses Policy and Will Score Exams After Test-maker's Mistake

Keystone Exams Get Failing Grade

South Carolina
 Questions About Role of Test Scores in Teacher Evaluations

Tennessee Scanning Problems Further Delay Test Score Reporting

 Legislature Wants to Extend Non-Test Graduation Options
Texas State Sanctions More Educators for Test Cheating

Legislators Press to Eliminate Graduation Testing Requirement
Washington Linking Graduation to High-Stakes Exams Was a Mistake

Worth Reading 
Is the U.S. Education and Testing System Producing a Society of Smart Fools

Worth Reading Funder Backed Project Explores Alternatives to Standardized Tests

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