Thursday, December 10, 2015

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A quick question for you: Will Latinos be the deciding factor in the coming presidential election, or will we be packing our bags to board Trump’s deportation trains headed south?
You’d think – given all the recent media attention – that those are the only options available to U.S. Latinos. Candidates from City Council to the presidency are talking about us and the mainstream media can’t seem to figure us out.
Meanwhile, here we are, looking for a place where we can find a true U.S. Latino narrative, a place for a thoughtful conversation about the things that concern us.
The truth is that many people have tried to build such a place, many have gone by the wayside and others have fallen short of their vision. It’s a shame because we’re living a critical moment in the history of Latinos in the U.S. and we need a place to gather our collective thoughts.
Here’s the thing, at NewsTaco we’ve been at this for 5 years. We’ve been watching the issues unfold, we’ve been listening to your concerns through your comments, emails and occasional phone calls. We’ve been doing our best to lead a thoughtful conversation about U.S Latino issues.
Our process is simple, we scour the internet to curate the best Latino news, opinion and analysis, then we add our own perspective – a Latino point of view that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s not about adding to the overwhelming stream of news and opinions, it’s about respecting your time and your choices. We’ll sift through everything the media, the politicians and the thought leaders have to say and we’ll put it in a context that makes sense.
We’d love for you to join our conversation in a meaningful way.
If you already receive the Latino daily or read directly from through a link on social media, you understand we’re like a small band trying to reach a larger audience. You are among the first, a Primero, to help us grow and now we’re asking for your help to grow even more.
No worries, we’re not asking for a loan. We’re not asking you to mortgage your house or let us move into your place. We’re simply asking that you become a loyal supporter of an authentic, professional, and independent Latino owned and operated media group.
This past year Latinos in Tech, Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) voted NewsTaco as the best digital news covering Latino issues. It’s a great recognition for us because it comes from our peers in the Latino digital space. We’d love for you to join us and be a part of this experience with us.
Help us help lead the conversation you’ve been looking for, become a Primero NewsTaco Supporter for $10 a month. It won’t affect your coffee budget, but it will help us grow to reach more Latinos, widen our conversation and take it to the people and places where it’s needed most – to the eyes and ears of decision makers.
The Latino daily will continue to be delivered to your inbox free of charge for only a few more days, so the sooner you subscribe, the better.
We’re looking forward to continuing our conversation.
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Victor Landa & Gilberto Ocañas

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