Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The fight against unpaid labor & for workers’ dignity developing Texas' lower Rio Grande Valley

The fight against unpaid labor and for workers’ dignity is developing in the Rio Grande Valley. 

This past Thursday Fuerza del Valle organized a Labor Day Press Conference at the SEIU Union Hall in McAllen, Texas to urge the public to denounce wage theft incidents, support working families, and emphasize the criminal nature of unpaid labor.

Fuerza del Valle members urged workers not to dismiss incidents of wage theft and leave them unreported, Sareth Garcia spoke on Domestic Workers and the need to support their fight to better conditions,  Jorge spoke on intimidation he has faced including physical violence when claiming his wages, nonetheless stating the importance to take a stance against abuse and organize.

Nidia Torres, the Secretary Treasurer of SEIU Texas and longtime Hidalgo County Employee, spoke on the SEIU’s support of movements for workers’ rights in the RGV, San Antonio, Houston, and El Paso.   Samantha Serna, attorney with TRLA, spoke on the services TRLA offers to working people in the RGV and their resolve to defend workers’ rights.

Rosa Sanluis, community organizer with  Fuerza del Valle, stressed the need for elected officials to support working families.  Hidalgo County Criminal District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez clarified his office will protect victims of crime and prosecute criminal activity.  Within the criminal activity lies unpaid labor as stated by the Texas Penal Code 31.04.

For the first time in history we have a District Attorney in South Texas openly stating their intentions to defend working families against wage theft. 

There is a lot of education and work ahead of us, join our movement for a better valley, for a better Texas.

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We hope you enjoy the rest of your labor day and continue to support working families.

-Fuerza del Valle Workers' Center

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