Sunday, June 7, 2015

Not all tests are bad - If we throw out accountability-- schools will rush back to math basics. #EdBLogNet @idraedu

A colleague in Texas writes:

Before we start throwing babies out with the bath water --- 
Take a look at the math test for 5th grade

It's NOT, absolutely NOT, a rote mathematics test that can be prepared for with drill and kill sheets (although I'm sure some are trying). 

This test looks very sophisticated.  Don't we want this kind of sophisticated thinking?

If we throw out accountability-- schools will rush back to math basics.

If we can solve the mess of HIGH stakes testing and keep the pressure on schools to prepare kids for sophisticated thinking AND include college as part of an accountability system then we may move forward.

It strikes me that these tests are being designed to stop people from trying to TEACH to the test-- but the system seems to know no other way of addressing the problem. 

AND the more I read progressive bloggers-- the more obvious it becomes that they just don't think kids can perform. 

This guy wrote

Which seems to please a lot of 'progressives'- personally I thought it was crap. 

And I was not surprised to see that this same guy wrote this


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