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LCLAA Launches Young Latinos United

Dear LCLAA Members, Friends, and Allies, 

Greetings from the National LCLAA Office. Spring has finally sprung and we hope you are enjoying the start of a new season. As we enter the month of April, we wanted to share the exciting work from our Young Workers Campaign. 

As you may know, the AFL-CIO hosted the NextUp Young Workers Summit in Chicago, Illinois on March 19-22, 2015. The AFL-CIO NextUp Young Worker Summit is an opportunity for the labor movement to engage and make key investments in their young membership to foster a network of activists that can continue moving a working class agenda. The summit convened over 900 young workers, including young LCLAA members, to discuss the issues affecting them at the workplace, in their unions, and in their communities.

LCLAA's Young Workers with
AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler

Today's young workers are part of the largest generation to enter the workforce since baby boomers and makeup up the most diverse, well-educated, and technologically savvy workforce in history. While young workers are rapidly changing our workforce, they are lagging in union membership. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 14 percent of all union members are young workers (16-34 years old). It is no secret that the longevity and success of the labor movement is tied to the recruitment and retention of young workers. 
LCLAA Latinos United at Fight For 15 Action in Chicago

 As part of LCLAA's commitment to fostering and providing opportunities for young workers, LCLAA sent a delegation of 11 members to host a workshop and expose more young workers to the mission of LCLAA and Latinos in the labor movement. The 11 young workers from across the country represented LCLAA and the over 2 million Latino trade unionists in the U.S. They organized more workers into LCLAA and educated them about the importance of fostering the young and innovative young Latino workforce. Through their work at the NextUp Summit, they were able to formalize LCLAA's first Young Workers group and recruit over 80 new members to LCLAA. Check out some of LCLAA's work at the NextUp Summit and the leaders of LCLAA's newly formed Young Workers group!


LCLAA made a big splash at the NextUp Summit. The delegation of 11 LCLAA members in attendance hosted the "LCLAA: Latino and Proud" workshop to educate more workers about the importance of joining LCLAA. The interactive workshop taught participants the importance of Latinos in the country, workforce, and in the labor movement while encouraging them to engage more in their communities and LCLAA chapters. Check out some of the photos from the workshop here.  

The constituency groups within the Labor Coalition for Community Action (LCCA) represent the diverse communities within the labor movement, striving to both raise those voices and to mobilize together for a stronger movement for all working people. LCCA, with the partcipation of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU), Coalition for Labor Union Women (CLUW), Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) and Pride at Work hosted a workshop on the role of constituency groups. At a time when the labor movement is facing demographic shifts, decreasing density and is forging stronger relationships with the broader progressive movement the importance of constituency groups is evident. Check out some of the photos from the workshop here

Our Chicago Metro Area Chapter helped welcome our LCLAA Young Workers with an evening of food, solidarity, and mentorship. Chapter President Ron Maydon gave a toast of encouragement on all of the hard work and accomplishments of our young members. National Executive Board Members Cristina Barillas, Jose Guerrero, Angel Rivera, Jose Alcala and Rosendo Rocha also welcomed the Young Workers. A special thank you to J. David Cox, the National President of the American Federation of Government Employees for his continued support to Latino working families and for joining the LCLAA Young Latinos United in Chicago! Check out more photos on our Facebook here

LCLAA Welcomes Inaugural Young Workers Group 

As part of the AFL-CIO's NextUp Summit, LCLAA's delegation of young workers organized and formed LCLAA's first National Young Workers Group. The new national group "LCLAA Young Latinos United" will lead the efforts to recruit and train more young workers into LCLAA and the labor movement broadly.  The National LCLAA office is proud to present the newly elected officers of LCLAA Young Latinos United! We look forward to working with them to create the pipeline of future Latino trade unionists. Si Se Puede! 

Eric Alfaro
LCLAA Chapter: Sacramento

Eric has led a campaign to organize and unionize adjunct professors in the Bay Area and has supported a number of strike actions and fast food strikes in Northern California. He's actively involved in his community, currently serving as President of the Sacramento Chapter of LCLAA and being a member of the Sacramento Democratic Club.
Eric comes from a farmworker family in Northern California, where he learned that the labor movement is important because it is the only vehicle working people have to end income inequality and that power for working people is only obtained through organizing.

Twitter: @cirealfaro

Juan Sauceda Jr.
Vice Chairperson
LCLAA Chapter: Kansas City 

Juan comes from a labor family and recalls that during his upbringing it was always emphasized that the labor movement is something that not only has helped him but his family, friends and neighbors as well. He believes that labor is about highlighting the best of humanity, acting selflessly and showing compassion for all, and that those elements are what bring us together to fight for justice and build solidarity. His ideals for social change and admiration for fellow union brothers and sisters made him join UAW-GM. He is an active member of the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Game on for Kansas, Kansas City Young Democrats, Young Democrats of America (YDA), and Young Democrats of Missouri (YDMO).

Twitter: @816Js

Erica Kane Capetillo
Recording Secretary
LCLAA Chapter: Greater Lansing Area

Erica was influenced by the labor movement at an early age. Her grandmother, Santa Gloria Capetillo, broke barriers within her organization becoming the first woman and Latina elected to be a union president. When Erica was 12 years old, she was asked to instruct a Youth & Unions Workshop at the University of Michigan Labor Studies Center. Her work with the Labor Studies Center dictated the work that she would later pursue. Since then she started to attend conferences, union meetings, and planning committees, which inspired her to speak up and volunteer to help others to help build a strong labor movement. She has reinforced her labor advocacy by taking charge of organizing meetings, events, and rallies in her community.  

Horacio Viveros Jr.
Financial Secretary
LCLAA Chapter: Sacramento

Horacio is a lead organizer with SEIU Local 1021 in Northern California. He works on strategic campaigns and is currently focusing on common good campaigns like the Fight for 15. He is the President of Next Generation, which is a young workers group with the Sacramento Central Labor Council in California. He recently graduated with a Master's Degree from Sacramento State University in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies. He is also a member of Nu Alpha Kappa National Alumni Association. He believes that the labor movement has turned regular jobs into jobs that give working people the dignity and pride to have a good paying job. Because of the labor movement, his dad who immigrated from Mexico was able to provide for his family.

Twitter: @hviverosjr

Jesus  "Jesse
" Medina
Sergeant of Arms
LCLAA Chapter: Chicago Metro

Jesse believes that the labor movement is the spinal cord of our nation and the primary component that keeps the middle class alive. He currently serves as the Head Person of his Building for the Custodial/Maintenance Department, an Executive Board member for SEIU Local 73, and Chief Steward for his entire Custodial/Maintenance Department on the contract negotiating team. He is an active member of SEIU's Latino Caucus and SEIU Local 73 Members Organizing Core. 

Twitter: @jessemedinajr

Francisco "Frankie" Zapata
Member at Large
LCLAA Chapter: South Florida

Frankie served in the United States Air Force where he earned a Medal for Global War on Terrorism/ OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom). He believes through the labor movement he is able to help others fight injustice, advocate for workers' rights, and build a movement that can impact the future of this nation. He is also a member of Florida AFL-CIO Young Workers.

Julie Gonzales
LCLAA Chapter:Denver Metro

Julie hails from the centennial state, Colorado. She brings a wealth of experience to LCLAA as a skilled trade unionist. Julie grew up in a union household and joined the labor movement under the mentorship of her father, a union pipe fitter from Tecolote, New Mexico. During her tenure with UFCW, Julie has worked on over 47 union campaigns. She strongly believes that through a union, workers can achieve better working conditions collectively. 

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