Monday, December 22, 2014

Re: Stanford CREDO Director says free market doesn't work in Education

Lloyd Lofthouse posted a comment about this message on Basecamp. 

I think Word of Mouth leads to physical, in-your-face protests, and in the age of internet social media, Word of Mouth spreads fast.

Before teachers, parents and children of all ages join together to protest in the streets, in front of the DOE in Washington, in front of the Gates Foundation in Seattle, and in other states and cities, they have to become informed and that information comes through social media and Word of Mouth.

§  Social media > Word of Mouth > real-world protests

Stanford U's free-market advocate Dr. M Raymond
says corporate Charter schools don't work in education

Badass Teachers Association versus Corporate War on Public Education

Alleged Liar & Deceiver
who pays herself 500K+ annually from tax payers

History of Successful US Pub-Ed

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